Electric resistance furnaces and gas furnaces

We offer a full complex of services connected with the designing of thermal manufactures. The volume of services we offer includes the full range of works: from performance of the design documentation (for factory, shop, equipment, etc.) to the equipment manufacturing, delivery, starting-up, adjustment and commissioning. More detailed information we can give after the concrete inquiry.

The information about the equipment price can be given after the official inquiry made on the letter-head. In your inquiry we also ask to specify technical features of the equipment you are interested in (if the such are present) and the contact data for a feedback.
We pay your attention that the prices for the complex of the equipment or for a separate unit of equipment are given by us for the date of the official inquiry.

At the present time UkrNIIElectroterm successfully solves the following tasks (design, manufacturing, delivery, introduction, information-consulting services, power audit) in the sphere of the professional interests and opportunities:

  • thermal and chemicothermal equipment (chamber, shaft, bell-type, conveyor, pusher-type, roller bed, lingering furnaces, baths and hardening-temper units);
  • drying and glowing equipment;
  • thermal equipment for recycling of the domestic, industrial, biological waste products;
  • enamel, glass, ceramic furnaces;
  • heating and heat exchanging technics;
  • energy and resource saving in thermal and metallurgical manufacture, energy saving technologies;
  • technical and ecological problems in the industry.

One of the UkrNIIElectroterm’s activity directions, is the development of the design and design-budget documentation at the all stages and design stages (technical and economic assessment and calculation, preliminary design, detailed design, working documentation) for reconstruction, modernization, development of the operating objects and construction of new objects of the metallurgical, machine-building, etc. industries.

We are experienced in the complex solving of the designing and renewal problems of the metallurgical manufactures, we are ready to render all the complex of engineering and consulting services and to carry out management of the investment projects.

Together with other companies the UkrNIIElectroterm masters and introduces high technologies of the metallurgical repartition.

UkrNIIElectroterm is also experienced in the designing of new construction and reconstruction of the operating shops.

By the development of the design documentation UkrNIIElectroterm uses all new achievements in the field of designing and provides the fitting-out of shops by the advanced equipment.

Furnaces of periodic action

Furnaces of continuous action

The equipment for the nonferrous metals manufacture

  • Aluminium smelting furnaces
  • Furnaces for the aluminium ingots homogenizing
  • The line for the continuous horizontal casting of the copper alloys
  • Сasting сonveyors
  • Rotary furnaces

The existent resistance furnaces reconstruction