Dear sirs!
Let us introduce you new UkrNIIElectroterm - the enterprise we suggest you to familiarize with.

UkrNIIElectroterm is a unique research-and-production complex with the full cycle - from generation of technical ideas up to their embodiment in manufacture.

The activity of our enterprise has begun in 1961 with the creation of the branch of the special design office Electric furnace in the city of Zaporozhye and transformed since 1968 to the department of Kharkov branch of VNIIETO. Since 1994 it has been called UkrNIIElectroterm Joint-Stock Company, and since 2002 - UkrNIIElectroterm LLC.

At the present moment UkrNIIElectroterm incorporating its branch Thermo-Engineering can offer the Customer the full list of services connected with development, manufacture, application and service of the enterprise’s furnaces park, designing of the industrial projects and realization of new technologies, namely:

Development, manufacture, application and setting up (on the turn-key basis) of the new industrial furnaces:
Electrothermal smelting equipment:
- DC and AC Electric arc furnaces with the capacity from 0,2t up to 50,0t;
- Electric ore-thermal furnaces;
- Electric resistance furnaces for non-ferrous metals smelting;
Heating furnaces, thermal and thermochemical equipment:
- Electric resistance furnaces and gas furnaces of the periodic action (chamber, bogie-type, shaft, bell-type, elevator; oil, salt and alkaline baths, etc.);
- Electric resistance furnaces and gas furnaces of continuous action (conveyor, pusher-type, roller, strand-type, stream, rotary, annular, tunnel, continuous, etc.);
- quench-and- tempering units;
- enamel, glass, ceramics, etc. furnaces;
- drying and glowing thermal equipment;

Reconstruction of the operating electric thermal and heating furnaces and gas furnaces of the high functionality, transference of the existing electric arc furnaces into dc supply;

Energy and resource saving in thermal and metallurgy industries, energy saving technologies, power audit in the field of the various thermal equipment;

Technical-and-ecological industrial tasks, thermal equipment for the domestic, industrial and medical waste;

Development of the design documentation for reconstruction, technical re-equipment, modernization of the operating objects and construction of the new ones in the different branches of industry:

  • steelmaking and foundry;
  • ferroalloys manufacture;
  • thermal, forge-thermal shops and sites, furnace equipment of the enterprises;
  • machine-building manufacture;
  • construction and refractory materials manufacture.

Designing and introducing works in the field of the power converter techniques, automatic electric drive, systems of the process automatic control, the equipment diagnostics and repair;

Development, manufacturing and application of the non-standard equipment within the bounds of the projected objects;

Information and consulting services;

Complex delivery of the various refractory production, development of the new refractory materials and binding agents, furnaces repair and relining.

Today UkrNIIElectroterm is a modern high technology enterprise where the highly skilled experts work. For our technical staff there are no unrealizable tasks. The motto of our enterprise is: "Thermal equipment from idea to introduction".
The basic consumers of the UkrNIIElectroterm production are the metallurgical and machine-building enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldavia, Mongolia etc.
We hope that services and production of our enterprise will play the essential role in the functioning of your enterprise, and mutually beneficial cooperation will give the necessary results for the further development and growth of manufacture.
Welcome to Zaporozhye!