Conveyor electric resistance furnaces with the hanging charge

These electric furnaces are designed for drying (CEOC-type) and roasting (CEO-type) of enameled steel products.
The conveyor can move either clockwise or counterclockwise.
The conveyor length and construction, as well as the location of the electric equipment is determined by the Customer.
Rated voltage – 380V, frequency – 50 Hz, 3-phase line.
Furnace atmosphere - air.

CEO-type electric furnaces

1-shell; 2-lining; 3-heaters; 4-conveyor; 5-input screen; 
6-internal screen; 7-sealing; 8- recuperator fan

CEOC-type electric furnaces

1-chamber; 2 - conveyor; 3 - recuperator;
* Dimensions are determined by the Customer