Furnaces and equipment lining

Thermo-Engineering  is a unique research and production complex with a complete cycle - from the generation of technical ideas to their implementation. At present, our company together with UkrNIIElectroterm  and ID can offer a full range of services concerning development, production, implementation and maintenance of heating equipment, design of industrial plants and introduction of new technologies.

We suggest you the conclusion of a long-term contract for the following works:

  • Development, production, reconstruction, installation and lining of industrial furnaces and other units of metallurgical, engineering, chemical, petrochemical and refining industries;
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of glass melting, open-hearth, blast furnaces and other furnaces;
  • Construction and repair of load-bearing and enclosing structures; construction, installation and repair of engineering and transport networks, incl .:
    • foundations
    • metal structures
    • concrete and reinforced concrete structures, including prefabricated structures.
  • Repair and installation of process equipment
  • Repair, settling and thermal insulation of steam boilers; concrete, brick and metal chimneys;
  • Corrosion protection of structures and equipment, performance of acid-resistant coating;
  • Thermal insulation of energy facilities (boilers, pipelines, tanks, containers); galvanized steel or aluminum coating;
  • Dismantling of industrial facilities.

We perform the above mentioned works according to the State license.

Our company has all necessary construction machinery and accessories for the above works executing (concrete spraying machine, concrete mixer, stone-cutting machines, welding machines, etc.)

The works are carried out by two teams:

  • Team from Zaporozhye - 22 persons
  • Team from Nikopol - 45 persons

The category of workers - 5, 6.

We are experienced in special types of construction works performance and guarantee:

  • Efficiency, high quality of materials and performed work;
  • Qualified scientific and technical support;
  • Providing a package of normative and technical documentation;
  • Administration of guarantees on all performed work;
  • The increase of equipment service life.