Adapting of the foreign engineering to construction standards

At modern industrial enterprises of Ukraine (and CIS) there is actively developing the promising trend –adapting of the foreign engineering to legislation and construction regulations of the Customer’s country.

Foreign partners can offer innovative and original technology solutions with reliable and high-quality equipment, which are interesting for Ukrainian industrial and construction companies. However, this engineering needs updating, as it is based on the standards, which significantly differ from the requirements and regulations of our country.

Adapting of the foreign engineering to regulations of the Customer’s country should be carried out by qualified personnel who are familiar with regulations and have the experience of cooperation with foreign partners.  UkrNIIElectroterm  guarantees the professional adaptation of foreign projects to the realization in Ukraine. Our experts consult directly with the developers of engineering that allows to modify the project in order to correspond to Ukrainian standards without prejudice to the proposed technology.

Adapting of the foreign engineering includes:

  • Translation into Russian/Ukrainian of the text part of the foreign project, the inscriptions on the drawings and specifications;
  • Assessment and analysis of the proposed technological solutions;
  • Changing and modification of the project documentation in accordance to the Ukrainian legislation and construction standards, taking into account climatic conditions of the certain site;
  • Development of project special divisions, required for the state expert appraisal.

Without the involvement of specialists in foreign projects adapting to Ukrainian conditions, the construction of such facilities will entail the risks and difficulties. Such work is impossible without professional knowledge, attention to details, necessary calculations and approval of technical solutions.

During binding of foreign projects to a particular locality a number of factors need to be considered, such as:

  • topographic features;
  • soil type and composition;
  • the depth of the groundwater;
  • climatic conditions, including average temperatures, snow and wind loads;
  • external engineering networks and communications.

Experts of UkrNIIElectroterm are ready to adjust the foreign engineering in accordance with requirements of the Ukrainian legislation, construction and sanitary norms and rules, ensuring effective adapting of foreign projects to the Ukrainian conditions.

UkrNIIElectroterm has the successful experience in the foreign engineering adapting due to the high professionalism, efficiency and quality of the performed work.