Galvanizing equipment

We offer a full complex of services connected with the designing of the hot-dip galvanizing equipment. The volume of services we offer includes the full range of works: from performance of the design documentation (for factory, shop, equipment, etc.) to the equipment manufacturing, delivery, starting-up, adjustment and commissioning. More detailed information we can give after the concrete inquiry.
The information about the equipment price can be given after the official inquiry made on the letter-head. In your inquiry we also ask to specify technical features of the equipment you are interested in (if the such are present) and the contact data for a feedback.
We pay your attention that the prices for the complex of the equipment or for a separate unit of equipment are given by us for the date of the official inquiry.

The hot-dip galvanizing equipment

The primary and auxiliary equipment

The hot-dip galvanizing line consists of the following process equipment:

1. Engineering systems: heating, illumination, ventilation, gas supply, water supply;
2. Transport mechanisms for moving of galvanized products: cranes, carts, conveyors;
3. A site of the preliminary chemical preparation: dip baths, pipelines, pumps, tanks;
4. The furnace equipment: the drying furnace, the galvanizing furnace, the heat exchanger, necessary connections;
5. Treatment facilities: filters for the acid evaporations and smokes from a dip bath clearing, systems of the spent solutions and scourage clearing;

Production capacity planning

Marketing researches and developing of the technical and economic assessment (including the building design assignment) are necessary for the detailed production capacity planning.

Marketing researches regarding production capacity planning of the hot-dip galvanizing line are necessary for the products typology definition.

The number of hanging/removal posts, quantity of lifts, building total area, etc. depend on the listed products.
Finally, productivity and efficiency of the future line depends on the carefulness of the predesign performance.

After coordination with the Customer, we develop a detailed lay-out, galvanizing technology for the concrete manufacture. For the effective planning of investments, we calculate the quantity of units, systems, mechanisms and make specifications of the necessary equipment.

Transport systems

Transport devices of a line are intended for moving of galvanized products according to technology requirements.

Cranes, carts, conveyors in the etching section work over a galvanizing bath in the hard conditions and are exposured by temperature and chemical kinds of influences.

We offer design decisions, integration, assembling and service of the systems specially intended for the successful work on the hot-dip galvanizing lines.

Baths of the preliminary chemical preparation

Preparation baths are intended for processing of products before galvanizing.
For the high efficiency maintenance of the hot-dip galvanizing line we offer:

  • Schemes of the optimum placing;
  • Drawings of the load-bearing units;
  • Lining of baths and pits by the acid-resisting materials.

Furnaces for the hot-dip galvanizing line

The furnace equipment of the line is intended for the products drying and galvanizing and can be adapted to the various types of heating: gas, liquid-fuel, induction.

We project and deliver galvanizing furnaces-baths with the strong steel case, a power saving ceramic bath, automation, control and thermoregulation systems.

The offered basic hardware also includes the heat exchanger, the drying furnace, the protective shelter for the smokes of the galvanizing bath localization.