Equipment for the foamglass manufacture

Equipment for the foamglass manufacture

We offer a full complex of services connected with the designing of the equipment for the foamglass manufacturing. The volume of services we offer includes the full range of works: from performance of the design documentation (for factory, shop, equipment, etc.) to the equipment manufacturing, delivery, starting-up, adjustment and commissioning. More detailed information we can give after the concrete inquiry.
The information about the equipment price can be given after the official inquiry made on the letter-head. In your inquiry we also ask to specify technical features of the equipment you are interested in (if the such are present) and the contact data for a feedback.
We pay your attention that the prices for the complex of the equipment or for a separate unit of equipment are given by us for the date of the official inquiry.

The foamglass

The use of the foamglass as the heat-insulating material in the building industry allows to create power saving structures which are much lighter than the usual ones and, thus, with the general price reduction of building by 20-25 %, allows to build up the areas located on weak and boggy grounds in regions with a cold and hot climate, to carry out the reconstruction of existing buildings. Besides a thermal protection, all constructions, buildings and structures which are constructed with the use of the foamglass, will provide a considerable decrease of the disastrous effects during technogenic and natural influences (fires, earthquakes).

The foamglass technical characteristics

Density, kg/m3


Thermal conductivity, W/(m*К) at a temperature 0°С (+/-5%)

no more than 0,068

Compressive strength, МPа


Water absorption, % by volume

no more than 4

Coefficient of elasticity, МN/m2


Coefficient of expansion, К


Noise absorbing, dB

up to 56

Effective temperature range, °С

from -200 up to +500

Resistance to acids

ordinary acids and their vapour resistant


completely non-combustible, does not emit toxic agents



Thermal insulation blocks are available with the following dimensions:

Dimensions (width x length), mm

125-450 х 125-550

Typical thickness, mm

20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120

Blocks are packaged into the shrink-wrap and are set on wooden pallets 1200 * 800 mm in size. Package volume is ~ 0.78 m3. During transport the pallets may be installed in two rows. Grit and scrap of various factions are packaged into big bags and in bulk.

We also offer insulating cylinders (shells) from the foam glass with the thickness of 50 mm for following pipe diameters, mm: 57 , 76 , 89 , 108 , 114 , 133, 159, 219.
We fulfill the individual approach to every Customer concerning price, terms of payment and delivery.