Basic advantages of the DC electric arc furnaces in comparison with the AC electric furnaces

DC electric arc furnaces operation in comparison with AC electric arc furnaces allows to reduce:
- electrodes consumption in 2...5 times depending on preparation of the charge;
- electric power consumption for 10...15 %;
- fire-resistant materials consumption for 20...30 %;
- initial raw material consumption for 1,5...2 %;
- expensive alloying additives consumption for 20 … 60 %;
- noise level from 105 dB down to 85 dB;
- quantity of dust and gas emission in 8....10 times.
Low erosion of the graphitized electrodes allows to make low carbon steel (the carbonization level does not exceed 0,005 %). Due to the sharp (in 2...5 times) reduction of the flicker effect the resource of the furnace transformers, flexible cables and electrode arms increases. DC electric arc furnaces have the highest power efficiency, the lowest percent of waste of metal, the highest lining performance, the improved working conditions and the lowered quantity of dust and gas emission. DC electric arc furnaces can work with full tapping, permits partial tapping and can also work as a mixer. Due to the electrochemical reactions use for detrimental impurities removal, improvement of the metal stirring and higher process stability the quality of smelted metal improves.