Thermal equipment inspection, calculations and analysis

Our specialists are experienced in surveying of the existing factories. At their disposal there is an instrumentation measuring base, experience of such works in Ukraine and abroad, the ability to understand even the most neglected archives. After such a survey you will have a complete picture of the real state of the equipment at your facility, the results of the survey can define business strategy on improving efficiency, energy and resource saving during operation of thermal, heating and heat energy consuming equipment, introduction of new technologies, development of new types of competitive products. If you need such survey at your enterprise, please contact us, we will send you a preliminary questionnaire to be filled.

Highly qualified professionals with extensive experience, using a variety of unique methods and modern software, will perform any thermal, electric and aerodynamic calculations of the developing and reconstructing heating and thermal equipment, will analyze the current situation at the enterprise, to identify 'bottlenecks' in the thermal equipment operation and will offer promising options for its development and modernization.